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Planning to release your music on Beatport can be exhausting, often a talent isn't everything. Do you think your music deserves to be on the Beatport charts? Does it have a quality that sustains it? We will help you get where you want to go. We offer real purchases through our organic network. If your music passes our selection process, you can say hello to Beatport's top 100 chart.

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Why do you need to boost your sales on Beatport?

Getting into the Beatport top 100 lists will boost your exposure in the electronic music scene. The promotion service to boost your music on the Beatport charts is a unique and exclusive tool that we offer only to selected clients. If your music passes our quality control we will get it into the read more...

How to chart on Beatport ?

Getting into the Beatport charts depends on many different factors, talent alone is not enough to succeed in the electronic music business, you need a network of followers. It's all about visibility, and we will take care of getting your music into the Top 100 Beatport charts so that it can be dis read more...

Why is so important to be in the Beatport top 100 chart ?

Today, Beatport remains the recognized industry leader for the DJ community with a global footprint of over 36M unique users, 465K DJ customers, 11M curated tracks supplied from 75K label partnerships. The same goes for Dj Mag Top 100 DJs is a reference to the clubbers. This means that promoting y read more...

What ranking number in the Beatport Charts to expect?

This is entirely out of our control and will depend wholly on the release. If the tune is right to expect to go high, if it is ok, it will work well too, but if the tune is terrible we will not work your release, yes you have read it correctly, we will not take any promotion we don’t support. Why? read more...

Beatport Exclusive Tracks

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10 tracks Any Genre


15 tracks Any Genre


20 tracks Any Genre


30 tracks Any Genre


40 tracks Any Genre


50 tracks Any Genre


60 tracks Any Genre


Beatport Non Exclusive Tracks

5 tracks Any Genre


10 tracks Any Genre


15 tracks Any Genre


20 tracks Any Genre


30 tracks Any Genre


40 tracks Any Genre


50 tracks Any Genre


60 tracks Any Genre


Ever Wonder why Top labels never release your music?

Have you heard of Viberate? 

Viberate is a technology platform that recently launched Viberate Analytics, a new user-friendly software that turns music data into clear and actionable information for both artists and their teams: an analytics dashboard that analyzes the popularity of producers and over 50,000 electronic music labels on Beatport. In other words, Viberate is killing all new artists' chances to be signed by major labels.

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As we all already know, all the best DJs are discovered on Beatport and as we mentioned before, the top labels take into account the artists' statistics before signing their music. If you want to succeed in your career, you have to invest in it.

Beatport is not only a way to get discovered, but also an opportunity for event promoters to notice you and offer you gigs. All the top DJs use promotion services to push their music into the top 100. If you want to be like them, you should use the same strategies.

With our exclusive service, you will help your track to get into the Beatport top 100. The number of downloads needed varies from genre to genre. With our network of DJs and producers, you will get real purchases, from real people. There is no risk of being banned with other dangerous methods like other sellers do.

We can't assure you the exact position your track will reach once in the Beatport top 100, everything will depend on the quality of your work, and that's why we have a selective process to decide which track we want to push. Our service is not meant to fake the charts, but rather to give a little help. Without a proper promotion plan (including radio, press, and Dj promotion) it is very difficult to get into the top 10 on Beatport, so marketing and promotion are essential for your music to reach the right audience.

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We have the tools and techniques to promote literally any genre.

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